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How to take care of a Russian Blue cat

How to take care of a Russian Blue cat

By on Mar 9, 2016 in Pet Care, Pets |

There are not too many known facts of the origins of the Russian Blue, but it is most likely that it actually originates from Russia. However, its further development and breeding took place mostly in Scandinavian Countries and Great Britain. Rumor has it that this breed was the favorite of Queen Victoria of England, which is no wonder when you think of this cat’s beauty and sweet personality.

e9f1380c8cfe73f89887606f1f30b2c3Russian Blue cats are generally shy, gentle quiet and a bit reserved. Owners of this type of cat will often notice that it is not likely to mingle when there are guests in the house, but they rather stay on the side and usually choose not to socialize. However, when it comes to their behavior with the owner, these cats are sweet, friendly and very loyal. They enjoy cuddling and spending time with their owner, and they will often follow their favorite person through the house and even climb on his head or shoulder. Just like most kittens, they enjoy playing while they are young, but many of them stay playful even when they grow up. They do like playing with their owners, but they are capable of entertaining themselves as well, which is very good for them if the owners spend a lot of time out of the house.


These cats are elegant, muscular and lean, with large ears and yellowish or green eyes set wide apart. The color of their fur is grey with white tips, which makes them look as if they were silver-colored and glistening. They have short, thick double coat, very soft and plush in texture. Their coat should be groomed once or twice a week, in order to remove dead hair and distribute the oils all over their skin. These cats are best to be kept indoors, because this way they will be saved from the diseases spread by outdoor cats, as well as from the attacks of dogs. Since they look very elegant and beautiful, there are even chances that someone steals them, because a Russian Blue kitten costs between $400 and $700.


Life span of Russian Blue cats is ten to fifteen years, and both pedigreed and mixed-breed cats are generally healthy. However, they have voracious appetite, and the owners need to make sure to feed them regularly, but not to give them too much food, because they can end up with lots of excess weight. Their dental hygiene should be well kept in order to prevent tooth decay, and their litter box should be as clean as possible at all times, because they are very picky and take care of their hygiene.


Russian Blue cats get along well with other pets (even dogs) and with small children, which is why they are suitable for families with toddlers. There are plenty of breeders of Russian Blue cats, as well as rescue groups and shelters from which you can adopt a kitten of this kind. You can find plenty of information online, on blogs such as Your 4 Pets Guide and other sources, in order to choose the ideal cat for you and to learn how to properly take care of it.

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