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Taking care of your dog

Taking care of your dog

By on Mar 9, 2016 in Pet Care, Pets |

Your 4 Pets Guide is a blog that is dedicated to pet owners. The main goal of this blog is to teach people how to properly care for their pets. People who don’t have a pet can learn a lot about having one, so if they decide to get a pet they will have easier time with it. This specific article will focus on dog care.

Having a pet is not totally easy because you have a living being you are raising. To properly take care of your pet, in this case dog, you must know what they eat and how much they eat at each point of their life. Puppies that are between 8 and 12 months old will require 4 meals per day to satiate their needs. Older puppies (3 to 6 months old) require 3 meals per day. Once your dog reaches 1 year then you can feed them only once a day (larger dogs should be fed twice a day, but those meals should be smaller).


Best food for your dog is dog food because it contains everything a dog needs. Avoid feeding your dog with people food, especially fast food. This may cause vitamin imbalance and other problems to the dog.

Exercise is important for dogs, and if you have a dog and you don’t take him out for exercise then you are not a good dog owner. Exercise does many things to a dog, it helps him burn calories, stimulate them and keep them healthy. Dogs get bored if they lay down all day which results in destructive behavior. If you want your dog calm in the house then you should take him out and let him dig, chase and chew until he gets tired.


In order to reduce the shedding of dog’s hair you should brush him frequently. Whenever you do that, check whether there are any fleas or ticks on the dog. When it comes down to bathing it can be done several times a year, dog doesn’t need bathing on a regular basis as we humans do.


Don’t try to lift your dog by grabbing him by his front legs or his neck (as it can be done with cats). Dogs should be lifted by placing one or both of your arms under his chest.

No matter whether you keep the fog in the house or in the backyard, he needs warm and quite place where he can sleep and rest. Having a blanket that will keep him away from wind or drafts is a must. Dog should always have water available, and if you let him in the backyard be sure that there is some shade he can use to hide from the Sun. If it is cold outside a dog should have access to dry and covered shelter.


This is only an introductory article in pet care. Your 4 Pets Guide will be your go-to place for information about pet care. If you have any additional question please do contact us, and we will see what can be done.

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